A specialist of our company has successfully passed HCSA


350x190 HCSAA specialist of our company has successfully passed HCSA (Hikvision Certified Security Associate) certification, which is a documentary evidence of a high professional level.

For a better understanding of Hikvision’s products and systems, the principles of operation and maintenance of equipment, and effective solution of various tasks, in order to increase the level of knowledge of technical specialists in the security and video surveillance systems industry, Hikvision has developed a multi-level certification program, one of which is HCSA - confirming level security specialist.
Certification confirms the ability of a specialist to perform operations on working with Hikvision products, including in-depth knowledge, such as connection, configuration, maintenance, and others.


350x190 AM cert


HCSA certificate from Hikvision

The HCSA certification program enables security and video surveillance system specialists to obtain a document confirming their high level of qualifications and excellent knowledge of Hikvision equipment that complies with the standards set by Hikvision.

Hikvision certification is a unique business advantage that the end user takes into account when choosing a design, installation or maintenance company security system.

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