350x190 PNB thermal terminal

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Printing house. Printing, production of high-quality books and magazines. Mass production and periodicals.

Task to be completed:
Access control system equipment with a temperature scanner for the central entrance of the office and production. Access control and interphone communication system.

- The face recognition terminal is an access control device integrated with temperature screening. The terminal quickly measures the temperature of the skin surface and uploads abnormal temperature data to the center, and can also be used for video recording. Dorfone IP video system Hikvision.

The entrance to the production, warehouse and part of the office premises is equipped with a face recognition terminal with temperature screening. All people entering the enterprise are guaranteed to have a normal temperature, which is an important criterion for complying with epidemiological standards. Hikvision DS-K1T671TM-3XF equipment was used to complete the task. Thanks to modern equipment, our customers can flexibly customize and expand the system architecture.

Customer's opinion:
All systems meet the stated requirements




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