Systems responsible for detecting and notifying of intrusion into a protected area or a specific area.

At many facilities, it is especially important to pay attention to the protection of the perimeter, which is why the video surveillance system installed at the facilities alone is not enough. The Perimeter Security System (PSS) is the first to "learn" about the intruder's entry into the territory and "inform" the guards about it. The larger the object and its perimeter, the higher the comparative efficiency of the use of technical means of protection (TSO) in relation to the human factor. A necessary component of the TSO of any object is the security alarm system, which consists of various means of detecting intruders, united by a single system for collecting and processing information. 

More often than others, we develop solutions for the protection of the perimeter of such objects as: parking lots and parking lots, industrial facilities, cottage plots, life support facilities, high-risk facilities, warehouses, hangars, storage facilities, commercial and government territories. institutions.

Modern perimeter detection tools can be classified according to the following physical principles of operation:

    • Electromechanical means of detection: the element of response is stretched wire threads with end sensors. Threads moving apart, or breaking them causes an "alarm"
    • Vibration detection means: the reacting element is cable vibration sensors (triboelectric); systems of point vibration sensors (piezoelectric, electromagnetic). The principle of operation is based on vibrations of the railing during movement.
    • Capacitive detection means: reacts to a change in the capacitance of the sensing element when the object moves, leads to the operation of the system.
      Inductive detection means: responds to the change in the inductance of the SE loop when the wires are pulled apart or broken, leading to an “alarm”.
    • Radio beam detection means: The principle of response is based on a change in the level of the received signal due to the movement of the intruder between the transmitter and receiver.
    • Wire wave detection means: a system of parallel wires through which radiation is transmitted and received. A change in the level of the received signal due to the movement of the intruder near the network of wires leads to an "alarm".
    • Magnetometric detection means: is a wire system that is sensitive to changes in the magnetic field when moving metal objects.
    • Seismic detection tools: this is a system of geophone sensors installed in the ground. The principle of operation is based on seismic vibrations of the soil (walking, running of a person)
    • Optoelectronic means of detection: they are spaced or combined, transmitter-receiver, forming an IR beam, the interruption of which leads to an "alarm".

Of the modern perimeter security systems, those based on video surveillance systems are popular.: 

    • Equipped with advanced algorithms, Hikvision Deep Learning series products, including DeepinView Network Cameras, DeepinMind NVRs, AcuSense Network Cameras and NVRs, offer sophisticated alarm activation, distinguishing people and vehicles from other moving objects such as leaves, raindrops, shadows and more.
    • Installing thermal cameras around the perimeter can provide a highly effective technology tool for advanced detection, detecting intruders in adverse weather conditions such as fog, smog, rain and snow, and long after daylight.
    • Hikvision Security Radar uses Hikvision's advanced technology to accurately locate and track up to 32 potential intruders per radar, even in the harshest weather conditions. Hikvision Security Radar is ideal for surveillance of large open spaces in harsh weather conditions and where the perimeter environment is too complex to deploy CCTV cameras alone.

Thermal camera for perimeter protection

 Objects that are subject to perimeter protection without fail

  • bonded warehouses, 
  • nuclear power plants, 
  • oil farms, 
  • objects of military structures, etc.


It is worth considering that perimeter security is not only a task that includes electronic devices, it is also an engineering and technical complex, and the competent construction of barriers, fences, poles and observation towers, and sometimes special ditches and channels, plays an important role. The entire complex must be under the control of trained personnel, otherwise the effectiveness of the perimeter security risks being reduced to zero.

It is important to understand that, unlike an access control system, for example, a perimeter security system is not actually protection of the territory, it is only a tool for protection, an assistant that can promptly report unauthorized entry to the facility. 

If your object does not belong to the above, this does not mean that you do not need perimeter security, because, for example, private cottages and country boarding houses, a perimeter security system can provide a fairly high level of protection against extraneous encroachments and significantly reduce the risks of unnoticed intrusion.

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