"It's better to see once than hear a hundred times" - this proverb characterizes video surveillance as the main element of the security system.

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ur company designs, installs and maintains video surveillance systems. Our offer is formed based on the real needs of the customer. Having collected information and terms of reference, when creating an offer, we clearly explain to a potential customer what each of the components of the system is for, and do not try to sell something superfluous or, on the contrary, keep silent about the fact that the customer will not get the desired result without any components . As a rule, our commercial offer includes three solutions: budget, standard, recommended, and upon agreement with the customer, we explain the pros and cons of one or another option.

Our style of work is professional, responsible and high quality for reasonable prices. The main reason for an individual approach to the solution, to develop a video surveillance system, taking into account all the features of the object and the necessary tasks, the client is that we do not leave our customer after signing the acceptance certificate, but accompany us by offering maintenance services. The tasks for which a video surveillance system is implemented can be very different, because cameras are impartial in capturing what is happening in the office, in production, in a warehouse, on the territory of an enterprise, gas stations, and indeed practically anywhere.

CCTV cameras are recording, and this not only increases the safety of employees and visitors, but also provides an opportunity to quickly and objectively resolve many disputable situations, which may arise with clients, personnel, suppliers, allows to exclude possible abuses, dishonest performance of their duties, theft, and in general is an indisputable evidence for the competent structures. Installation of a video surveillance system will also help to observe what is happening at any time and in any place. You can see and, if necessary, hear what is happening on the observed object in the office, at home, and now even on your phone. 

For certain criteria, we select the best option for equipment and components, for example, at night or in a room without lighting, night vision cameras with infrared illumination will allow observation, and at high-risk facilities, the anti-vandal design of the casing will keep the camera intact.

Cameras can be color or black and white, IP cameras or analog, with and without IR illumination, PTZ or dome, vandal-resistant or conventional. For special customer requirements or site criteria, we offer, for example, cameras with a thermal imager or in a protective housing IP67 and many other special equipment.

Turning to our company, you will get exactly what you wanted to achieve from the implementation of systems in general or video surveillance in particular. Today, almost no commercial premises or industrial building, no office and a significant part of private houses can do without a video surveillance system. If necessary, we can design and install a comprehensive security system, which will also include ACS (access control system), burglar alarms, manage admission, registration or assist in detection.

Our company installs video surveillance in shops, offices, factories, cafes and restaurants, pawnshops and casinos, car washes and gas stations, repair shops and assembly shops, industries, business centers, parking lots and parking lots, sports and entertainment centers, warehouses and adjacent areas.

We work with equipment from various manufacturers, so we can always choose for you the option that most effectively solves the tasks. Most often, our offers are based on equipment of proven quality, including companies such as Hikvision, Bosch, Dahua, Axis and others.


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