What is needed to implement

350x190 Dubnas cctv T oday we want to share our experience and information on the installation of video surveillance systems in apartment buildings.

So, what is needed for this:

  • Consent of the residents of this house
  • Statement of the problem and goals of implementation
  • Budget

Of course, many other issues need to be resolved, which I will not focus on, but I will tell you more about the ones listed above:

The consent of the residents of this house is a requirement of the "Law on Apartment Property", which says "video surveillance can be installed in the common areas of apartment buildings or on the territory belonging to the house, only if the consent of the persons living in a particular apartment building is obtained, or, guided by the aforementioned law, a decision has been made at a general meeting of apartment owners of a residential apartment building, which will apply to all owners and users of the property of a particular building. "

Setting the task and implementation goals - as is often the case, it is much easier for a specialist to assess what equipment is needed in the implementation of a particular task, but the client must set the task for the contractor, and in the context of this article, the client must provide for the need for compliance with the tasks with the norms of the law, determining the responsible for the video surveillance system and it is necessary to designate the goal for the achievement of which a video surveillance system is required and, accordingly, data processing (3. part 36 of the article "The Law on the Processing of Personal Data of Individuals" establishes the need for the person responsible for video surveillance to use an information sign that should notify data subjects about This sign must contain at least the name of the person who is filming the video, his contact information, the purpose of the data processing, as well as an indication of the possibility of obtaining other information set out in Article 13 of the "General Data Protection Regulation").


The budget will give us, the installers, information about the amount of opportunities we can implement for our client. In fact, the fundamental values ​​can be preserved, both in the budget proposal, and relatively expensive (i.e. the number of cameras or the possibility of remote access), but for example the cameras themselves can cost 40 euros or 400, depending on the need for implementation in accordance with the budget and the goals of the customer.

Advantages of installing a video surveillance system

Sefety - the use of video surveillance in an apartment building at a preventive level disciplines people, realizes a reliable and unbiased picture in situations that could be controversial.
Serves for many years working around the clock - video surveillance is a good investment, which, if used correctly, requires minimum maintenance and support costs.


We will explain in detail the differences and advantages of possible options for the system, we will design, install and configure the system at reasonable prices.


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